Scrumpy Farm has long been known as the Jadrny farm, after the family that lived on the property for most of the past century. In late 2010, the Gagnon family fulfilled their long-time dream of owning a farm with the purchase of the 39 acre Jadrny property, located east of Sandy, OR (35 miles from downtown Portland, OR), on the gentle rise toward Mt. Hood. The farm, which had been uninhabited for approximately five years, featured about twenty acres of old raspberry fields and pasture, twelve acres of forest, four acres of forested wetland, several farm buildings, and an old farm house. After years of cleaning, demolition, debris removal, and rehabilitation of the original farmhouse using materials recycled from dilapidated farm buildings, the farm is slowly coming back to life. In the spring of 2011, volunteers planted over 100 orchard/fruit trees, canes, and perennials fueled by an old fashioned potluck.


At Scrumpy Farm, we hope to:

-regenerate the health of Scrumpy land, water and forest using principles and practices of organic farming and permaculture;

-promote regional food security under a changing climate by refining low-input and water conserving farming and cultivation methods at an elevation higher than most traditional farms or orchards;

-explore cooperative enterprises for sustainable, economically viable small farm enterprises; and

-engender a community of farm helpers (of all ages and abilities) that provide hands-on support to the farm and enjoy farm-life experiences.

Over the long-term, we plan to plant orchards and berries and develop a Gagnon family business around the orchards. Ultimately, we hope that heirloom apples and production of related value-added products would be the centerpiece of the family business. (Hence, the name "Scrumpy", which is a potent type of rough cider.) Additional elements will be carefully added to the farm to engender a (mostly) self-sustaining forest-type ecosystem. Just as natural ecosystems support multi-layer and multi-niche production, so too can a small farm such as Scrumpy, by carefully integrating and layering farm production.