Starting a Permaculture Farm

Our goal at Scrumpy Farm is to create a community based farm that improves the health of the land and provides a good living for our family.  We know there is a better way to farm than the corporate model and want to show it can be done not only sustainably, but profitably.  Through experimentation with permaculture and other ecological farming methods we aim to find the right combination for our farm that will nourish the land and produce an abundance of high quality food.  Ultimately, to provide the best food, a good lifestyle for the farmer, and take care of the land, we also believe the local community needs to be involved.  In that light, we want to make Scrumpy Farm a destination where like minded people can come to work, learn, and celebrate in a beautiful natural setting.  We’ve had the land for a little over four years now, but have been focused on clean up and construction projects.  This coming year is going to be a big push to expand our deer protection, get our first section of the permaculture orchard planted, and start a small flock of chickens to start building the soil.  We are hoping to have our first work party at the end of March.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting more details.

Farmhouse and old fruit trees

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