Rest in Peace

Well, I’ve finally given up on the legendary 1995 Ford F250 Powerstroke. Before buying the truck, I did a lot of research and determined that model would be something affordable that should last almost as long as I can probably farm. A year later and I couldn’t go down the highway, and then the neighborhood street, without the truck stalling out. I spent a fortune at the shop on repairs with no luck (one mechanic told me to junk it after charging about $1000 for repairs).

The next year, I spent a lot of my spare time trying to fix this or that and using it around the farm for chores. It was getting so bad, I couldn’t go more than a few hundred feet before it died again. One more tow truck trip (thanks AAA) to a different mechanic to learn it had a terminal electrical condition. So I sold it for a little more than scrap value and will start a new experiment: can you operate a farm without a pickup? Now at least I can rest in peace not worrying how I’m going to get the darn truck running again!

Mount Hood-20150327-00269

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